Restaurante Don Carlos Alicante

Don Carlos

Gol de Uruguay a Brasil en la final mundial conocida como “el Maracanazo”

Our History

Family, early days and the reasons for the present.

Football and Love. Travels and adventures. Hospitality industry and friendship. All of this could be defined as a mixture of ingredients, which made reality Don Carlos restaurant.

Don Carlos in memory of “Grandpa Carlitos Jurado”.

Thanks to football, Carlos Jurado (uncle of Jorge Jurado) who founded Don Carlos, was able to travel around the world as a footballer. One of his travels who changed his life and destiny was Alicante, thanks to a great friend and ex-footballer of Real Madrid, Sergio Rodriguez Viera.

In 1984/1985, Carlos Jurado enabled Hercules to go to first division as coach of Alicante’s team. It was in 1985 that Sergio Jurado and his brother decided to open Don Carlos. Years went by and Jorge and his elder brother Carlos grew up in the family business.

Combining his studies with working in the restaurant with the work and effort of the family, with humility and good sense that without effort and sacrifice there is no success, and coming from humble origins, Jorge Jurado started his career in the hospitality school of Santa Pola and in the Cdt Alicante. He acquired for years experience and he trained as a chef in five countries. He worked in some of the best hotels in the world such as Claridges’ Hotel or the Dorchester in London, the emblematic Ritz or Hotel de Crillon in Paris, amongst others.

Hard times brought on by the crisis in Spain as well as the family business about to close, meant that Jorge decided to return and risk everything all in a name of a belief, a dream.

Thanks to work, the effort and help of great friends whom collaborated in the project of the new Don Carlos. Francisco Garcia Grech, an all time friend, Isabelle Leroy- Jay Lemaistre, curator of the Louvre Museum. Francisco as well as Isabelle have demonstrated absolute trust and belief in the project of Jorge Jurado. Thank you, of course, to Marc-Antoine Lemaistre for his great help and his treatment during the stay of Jorge Jurado in Paris.

Isabelle Leroy-Jay Lemaistre

Accompanied of his girlfriend Stephanie Carambat, whom he met working in the Ritz Hotel in Paris, where she worked as a legal assistant for the famous Egyptian businessman Al Fayed. Destiny and travelling made them change life with a common ground: love.

Whoever is aware of the actual situation in Spain and Alicante, knows that it is a kamikaze action to take risks at the moment. Jorge took a gamble and risked it in Alicante, deciding to come back to his early days, to where everything started, where his father Sergio Jurado had worked for more than 25 years to keep alive Don Carlos.

We currently live difficult times and we fight day to day so that in a few years the Don Carlos of our dreams becomes reality. What I am clear about is that men search for their opportunities, and that they should at least try because as the Uruguayan hymn and his decision both say: “Is the vote that the soul pronounces , and in which, we heroes fulfil”.

Don Carlos is a visit for a lover of good food, the traveller, people of football and sport in general, family values, discretion or those people who one day decided to follow a dream or were bold to fight for a belief. Very recommendable visit as is stated in Celeste’s wall, leave it up to us: we will fulfil.

Chef Jorge Jurado, his family and all of those who made Don Carlos reality work day to day so that this restaurant last many more years serving all time customers, and all those who have yet to come and discover Don Carlos & Celeste. We imagine an inspiring & immense future with great dosis of happiness and peace, and being able to cook our dishes and serve them with love and care, as usual.

Carlos Jurado started his career as a football player in Penarol de Montevideo, from there stems one of the most loving and passionate phrase of the Manya club: “You will be eternal like time and you will flourish in each Spring”.

We thank through those words all of those who participated during more than 28 years of history in the creation of Don Carlos. To all the workers, family members, friends and customers, to all of those who live in our memory and whom are no longer with us but whom taught us so much. To those thank you so much from our heart.