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Jorge Jurado


Internaciotal Chef Jorge Jurado

Jorge Jurado

The Spanish-Uruguayan chef Jorge Jurado Solano has put tremendous energy and technique in this new phase of the family business. After many years of apprenticeship in some of the best hotels of the world, Jorge takes over Don Carlos & Celeste’s kitchen. With his experience and personality, he has taken on Javier Serrano as his man of trust so that he extends and create with him menus and dishes that are included in Don Carlos & Celeste.

Firmly supported by family values acquired through his childhood in Don Carlos from his father Sergio Jurado and his mother Alexandra Solano, where he grew up combining his studies with his work, and with the experience gained from great master chefs in Paris & London amongst others, Chef Jorge Jurado’s cuisine characterises itself by rigour, special attention to the basis of the product, and appropriate and simple cooking times and techniques to obtain a good cuisine without pertaining to any specific country. He gives precedence to seasonal ingredients and has a tendency to maintain simplicity and good flavour in all of his dishes. His cuisine is defined by various styles, a clear indication of his entire support to cultural crossbreeding, and his understanding of cooking and gastronomy through his travels which have made him see it differently.

Jorge Jurado has developed his career in London, Paris, Shangai, Jersey, Dublin and Alicante. He worked many years in high standard, demanding and tough hotels such as the Dorchester or the Claridge’s in London with executive Chef John Williams and Gordon Ramsey as his respective Head Chefs. In Paris, he worked as a chef in the Hotel de Crillon and in the emblematic Ritz Paris of the Place Vendome. In the latter, Jorge had Chef Michel Roth as his Head Chef, who was bestowed champion of the Bocuse d’Or and “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” amongst other things.
In his cherished Alicante, Jorge has special affection and respect for the cooking team/brigade at the Hotel Sidi San Juan, his former Head Chef and Head of Pastry respectively, Juan Fajardo and Vicente Marti. As a youth, and in the initial stage of his apprenticeship, Jorge had the opportunity to work with the “old school”, chefs such as Jose Manuel Varo & Jesus Munoz in “El Maestral” or Luis Nondedeu, whom he learnt with, in the CDT Alicante. He has profound respect for former chefs, and admires all those people who started as kitchen porters and who learnt chef-ing as time went by. It was another type of hotel industry, other technique, other type of sacrifice, other sense of comradeship, no better no worse than now, only different, very different as states Jorge Jurado: “It used to be a much more professional kitchen and dining room where you had to have balls.


Don Carlos & Celeste chef returns home to apply everything he learnt for years, with the tranquillity and illusion to try and contribute towards gastronomy in Alicante. With the enthusiasm and constant motivation that implicates being close to your loved ones, surrounded by your best friends, and enjoying, without any other ambition, to cook and give pleasure to customers, and be happy everyday working as a chef where one feels happy.


Chef Javier Serrano

Javier Serrano

Javier Serrano, sous chef of Don Carlos-Celeste. Young and experienced chef from Alicante, of great culinary quality, works hand in hand with Jorge Jurado to elaborate menus and organize the kitchen both for Don Carlos and Celeste.

Educated in the prestigious Hospitality School Hofmann of Barcelona, Javier Serrano acquired experience in some of the best restaurants of Alicante such as “El Nou Manolin” and spent five years as Sous Chef in the restaurant Tragallum in Alicante with Rafa Salinas. Javier combines cooking with his passion, music. He finds in the drums the motivation and the passion as are required in the kitchen, and is the lead drummer of the Guinea Pigs group, which are from Alicante. Professional and educated, hard-working and humble, Chef Jorge Jurado has in Javier his man of trust, and hand in hand they work daily in Don Carlos. Javier Serrano has created dishes such as the Goat’s cheese and tomotao as well as the foie gras with pears in wine, terrines, or the calamar a la plancha with poached onions in the calamar’s ink with saffron oil, endless textures and tastes which show the wide range of possibilities that bestow his gastronomical capacity.